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Benefits with uPVC frames and windows

With uPVC windows and doors, you’ll be guaranteed higher levels of comfort throughout the year. Their quality insulation and draft proofing mean that you’ll be kept at the perfect temperature, no matter what the season


Unlike their wooden counterparts, uPVC is difficult to ignite, and therefore ensure improved standards of fire safety in your property. uPVC is a non-toxic material that is designed to be difficult to ignite and stop burning once the source of the fire is removed


uPVC windows are manufactured to offer superior strength and rigidity, greatly improving home security these uPVC windows also come fitted with the latest multiple locking point systems to give you peace of mind that your windows are safe from intrusion


Due to uPVC's superior insulation properties, you’ll be able to keep your windowpanes at a warmer temperature. This is good news for your home, as it will prevent water vapour from settling, and going on to cause other household problems such as damp


By installing Insulate Double Glazing's uPVC windows in your home, the volume of outside noise will be greatly reduced up to 80% – a benefit that will be particularly rewarding if you live close to a road, school or that annoying neighbour's dog that just will not stop barking


uPVC windows are completely resistant to rotting, warping, and splitting, allowing them to maintain their good looks for many years. With fully sculptured and bevelled frames, windows can transform the appearance of your home exterior


Sanding, painting and varnishing – all things that are common requirements with wooden windows frames – are not applicable with uPVC. uPVC frames and windows, on the other hand offer a low maintenance solution. Apart from needing to give your windows the occasional wipe down with soapy water, you'll be able to put your efforts to something else more interesting


Where wooden frames can rot and warp due to inclement weather, uPVC provides a much more durable option. Frames and windows made of uPVC can be expected to last more than 20 years without ever deteriorating


uPVC reduces the amount of heat that escapes from the home. The direct result of this is less CO2 being pumped into the earth's atmosphere and a lower carbon footprint. Insulate Double Glazing's windows made of uPVC are designed to benefit your home and your lifestyle, making them the ultimate long-term home improvement investment

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